[Sorgente di Sant'Agnese]
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[Sorgente di Sant'Agnese]

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Abstract: La fotografia mostra il primo acquedotto di Rodengo, costruito in corrispondenza della Sorgente di Sant'Agnese in località Cantarana

Title and contributions: [Sorgente di Sant'Agnese] / Arnaldo Trezzi

Physical description: 1 fotografia ; 17 x 23 cm

Publication date:1945-1955



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General Processing Data (100)
  • Type of Publication Date: Publication Dates 1 and 2: monograph, date of publication uncertain
  • Publication Date: 1945-1955
Graphics (116)
  • Specific material designation: photoprint
  • Primary support material: bristol board
  • Colour: black-and-white

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