Bridge books

The project "Bridge books” sponsored by the Bassa Bresciana Centrale Library System (Sistema Bassa Bresciana Centrale, BBC) was created with the goal of establishing a simple language shelf language dedicated to foreign children, with books in their languages, bilingual and multilingual texts facilitated learning the Italian language. The collected material can also contribute to the learning of a second language for the Italian speaking students.

The fund documents, arranged by language, may be temporarily assigned to the associated libraries that require it for educational activities, exhibitions etc.

How can you help the development of the project Libri Ponte?

We ask those who undertake trips abroad, or perform activities, to buy a book for children or teenagers during their journey, written in the language of the country they visited, and donate it to a library associated with the BBC Library System. The associated libraries provide to support the initiative providing travel guides.

We give our bookmark to every reader that will contribute.

We focus on the initiative Reading for pleasure!, a collaboration between Manerbio High School, Bassa Bresciana Centrale Library System, which has provided the Bridge Books Fund for the classes involved, Manerbio public library who welcomed the students and managed the loan service,  Oxford University Press who donated the kit  READ ON! with 90 graded reading levels.